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Content Marketing & Social Media

On average, 60% to 70% of the content created by companies and uploaded on the Internet goes unused. To add more value to your organization, we focus on identifying what’s relevant for people so we can eliminate the “noise” and increase our efforts in what makes sense within your available budget.

Content marketing strategy

The secret ingredient of a brilliant Content Marketing is to focus on the customer’s intent. We will help you identify those series of moments that matter to your clients, offering you the chance to improve their experience with your brand, while providing them the right answers, in the right places, and at the right time. Not only people, but search engines will reward you for that, too.
Content marketing strategy

From development to promotion

From the text and resources on your website to the stories on your blog, and the videos you share, we will help you get your message “out there,” creating meaningful online experiences that will encourage your clients to click and convert.

Influencer marketing

To augment your Content Marketing effectiveness, we will support you in developing and implementing an Influencer Marketing strategy able to boost your Brand Awareness while improving your local SEO at the same time.

From development to promotion

Stand out in the crowd

Being engaging is not a matter of luck. It’s a matter of well-documented Content and Social Media strategies. We will be glad to help you:

  • develop a clear vision of useful Content Marketing that increases your ROMI while directing your budget in areas that bring results
  • create a successful Content Marketing Strategy that works well for both people and search engines
  • create a remarkable editorial mission statement
  • choose the appropriate tactics to transmit your message
  • target customers based on their intent
  • target key influencers
  • produce engaging content
  • tailor content for each Social Media channel in the mix
  • smartly choose & use social media platforms
  • help your customers find what they seek when they need it
  • experiment, measure and become more and more sophisticated

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