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We are a team of freelancers with corporate expertise devoted to engaging audiences and transforming clicks into Brands' BEST FRIENDS.
Manuela Vulpescu

Manuela Vulpescu

Online Marketing Certified Pro

We believe in

Doing what we love
Spending time with things we enjoy arouses our curiosity and makes us dig deep to discover up-to-date solutions that cleverly work.
Putting people first
We believe in authenticity and create digital formats that genuinely reflect the way things happen in real life.
Being transparent and fair
We only make promises based on research and empathetically dream as significant as you can do.
Having fun@work and helping each other
In an individualistic era, we vote for teams. Great ideas come out when we put our minds together.
Learning all life long
We periodically go back to school, read a lot, and keep on getting certified. In the SMART world, we live in, we can’t afford to expire.
Experimenting a lot
We love trying new things, as we don’t like to guess when optimizing. We want to know.
Building long term relationships
Digital Marketing is sort of a sensitive plant. It needs lots of patience and attention to flourish. We are committed to taking care of it.
Paying it forward
Last but not least, we don’t keep things for ourselves. We share them with you.

Let’s try something new together!

Well, from time to time, we feel like providing free of charge support for selected projects. If you think you have a fantastic idea, please send us a complete description and tell us why we should consider it worth investing our time.

Choosing the WINNER will be sort of a lottery. We’ll split the ideas into three categories:

  • Well, exciting, but we’ll skip it this time.
  • Wow, that’s a cool one, but still, we won’t do it together.
  • Yes! We’ll work on it!

Give it a shot! What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing.

We’ll be happy to hear from you soon.

We can lend a hand. Get in touch.

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