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Search Engine Optimization


We develop webpages that search engines can find, download, and process.


We build links with other sources to make your site more popular.


We create content that people want to read and share.

Why is SEO so important?

SEO produces long-lasting results and provides a predictable ROI (Return on Investment). It is cost-effective, and when enhanced with local search features, it boosts the visibility of your website and helps you reach more folks nearby.

But SEO takes time and can’t be switched on and off at will. It’s a “long-term relationship” that needs commitment and brings results in 6 months to 2 years. Whoever tells you otherwise should be treated with caution.

The naked truth about SEO

The visibility on the first page is essential. Actually, the first ten results get 94% of the total impressions. The remaining 6% is received by the next ten search results displayed on the second page of a search engine.


Top 10 results get 94% of the total impressions.


About 71% of the searches result in a click on the first page.


The first five result pages account for 67% of all the clicks.


Customers acquired through organic search have a lifetime value that is 54% higher than average.

White label SEO or the Google Bible

Providing high-quality content always works. SEO is more powerful as a sum of its parts. It goes into the design, user intent, user experience, how computers interact with your content, and how humans can work with it.

Content marketing and on-page optimization

SEO enables you to know what your customers want and helps them find you on the search results page. Through extensive keyword research, we can identify data about expressions people use while looking for answers on the internet, their intention, and the periodicity. This allows us to come up with the appropriate content marketing strategy, with the matched communication plan for Social Media and PPC campaigns, and with smart ways for improving your conversion rates overall.

Great content attracts users, but well optimized great content is more likely to rank higher in search engines.

Off-site optimization or the so-called backlink building

A “good” link can boost search engine rankings, drive brand exposure, generate leads, or drive sales, but when a link provides all these benefits, we call it a “golden link.”

From idea to production and promotion, we help in creating captivating and relevant content that drives to building high-quality links on an ongoing basis.

Technical SEO

It all starts with your site audit for identifying technical or content issues. After carefully reviewing the code, the site architecture, the content, UX, and the links, we outline any areas that might need improvement, and we provide actionable recommendations on how to fix things best.

We can either directly implement the updates to your CMS or cooperate with your developers for making it happen.

New designs and new domains

Redesigning your site or moving it to a new domain is usually a complex topic as it might involve URLs changes, which is crucial, especially if your current site has a significant amount of traffic. We use management software to view page level incoming links, especially from high authority and high relevancy domains, and we ensure that the redirects are in place to route all old pages that have equivalent information.

Off-site optimization or the so-called backlink building

It's not about ranking. It's about revenue.

Setting up multiple goals and customizing Google Analytics for your business will change things substantially as you will get a clear view of what’s working and successfully contributes to your project. We are here to help you select, track, and analyze your data.

Last but not least

SEO works effectively in concert with other marketing channels (PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Offline Marketing).

It's not about ranking. It's about revenue.

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