BOOST your ROI with emailing and marketing automation.

Emailing & Marketing Automation

Email still rocks. It produces 12% to 30% more long-term relationships than Social Media and has the highest ROI due to low CPA. Being so valuable, we never treat it as a “set it and forget it” channel. We feel it’s worth investing our experience, creativity, and technical know-how to come up with personalized messages and responsive designs, able to inspire and inform your audience on any device.

From subject line till landing page

The better we understand your brand voice, goals, audience, and expectations, the easier it becomes for us to work on segmentation, personalization, and triggered email campaigns to nurture leads at each stage of the sales funnel.

We customize messages from “Subject Line” to “Landing Page,” and deliver them in “Inboxes” using automated email marketing tools that help us improve your emailing performance.

From subject line till landing page

Marketing Automation Services

From welcome campaigns to nurture tracks, we are fully aware of the power of email marketing and its potential to boost your business. Working with AI marketing automation platforms for B2B projects or e-commerce, we configure your campaigns and define workflows to react in a personalized manner to the specific preferences of your customers.
Marketing Automation Services

Pre-flight checklist

As your email marketing agency, we can help you:

  • reach your goals smartly selecting the types of emails to send out, their target audiences, and their frequency
  • get your message clear and out, with optimized content and designs for both emails and landing pages
  • get into Inboxes and spark conversations from any device, using responsive designs and ensuring compatibility with email programs
  • build up a GDPR compliant database
  • segment your data and improve your feedback through emailing automation
  • track results, measure and analyze

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