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How to handle social media in 2021

By Manuela Vulpescu

An animated social life during the pandemic

As if things wouldn’t have been moving fast enough online, COVID-19 gave an extra boost to the entire digitalization process. In October 2020, more than half of the global population was already active on social media, with 12,3% more adopters this year than in 2019.

According to a recent study conducted by Datareportal in cooperation with Hootsuite and We Are Social, only in Romania, 11 Million people are spending more than 3 hours a day on social channels.

Social Platforms in Romania (Mill users in October 2020) - Source: Datareportal, Hootsuite & We Are Social

Who’s on Social Media

E-Marketer reported that 90,4% of Millennials, 77,5% of Generation X, and 48,2% of Baby Boomers regularly use social media to communicate worldwide.

  • By 2021 over 65% of all internet users will go beyond search engines when looking for products and services to buy. Video search, image search, and the social search will soon play a more critical role than ever before.
  • With the pandemics forcing more older people to become active online, you’ll get the chance to communicate with larger audiences. That’s certainly an opportunity for you to customize your products or adapt your communication strategy, especially if you work in the E-Commerce or healthcare sectors.
  • Total spendings on Social Media Advertising decreased by 13% in Q2/2020 compared to Q2/2019. Meanwhile, the CPM also dropped its average value from 6,18 USD to 4,33 USD, enabling you to get more visibility for a lower cost.

The TikTok fever

With all the buzz around TikTok, there is no denying that the platform went BIG in a short period of time. However, according to Datareportal, more than 60% of its users live in China. Together with the Indian ones, they are responsible for almost 9 in every 10 minutes spent on TikTok worldwide.

If you’re interested in talking to them, you should definitely integrate the channel into your social mix. Still, if you have other audiences in mind, you may need to research a bit more and decide if it’s worth investing time and resources to experiment with TikTok in the first place.

While the entire media was busy covering the subject, some other platforms registered impressive figures, too. Unfortunately, they seemed to have missed the chance to catch the press’s eye. Two such examples are Pinterest and Reddit. See if it makes sense to put them on your list as they both have 30%, respectively, 29% more users now than in the previous year.

8 laws of social media marketing

Stop running for followers on social channels.

Most businesses obsess about how many people like them on social media. While this might have been a crucial factor in the past, it is not the only objective to focus on now. More important is engaging and developing meaningful conversations with audiences relevant to you, especially nowadays, when the main players in social media decreased the organic reach to almost 3%.

A good campaign with smartly defined KPIs aligned with your business objectives will increase the followers' database by itself. You won’t have to worry about that. Just be patient, as social media rarely produces overnight success, and viral wins are rare.

Have a plan when talking to a fan

All the fans on social media are worth nothing without planning how to communicate with them properly. Use social listening tools such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social, BuzzSumo, or Brandwatch, and get a feeling about what people think of you, your brand, or your competitors. You’ll get valuable insights to use when creating your content and social media strategies . Last but not least: cancel any plan that includes developing large portions of self-promotion and focus more on offering useful and entertaining content that responds to your clients' expectations. On social media, you are supposed to be more of a friend and less of a salesperson.

Use social media to create brand awareness.

Social media can help you build awareness for new products, approach new markets, and start conversations with new audiences. It ensures that your message reaches the right people. All you need to do is create unique and relevant content, personalize it for your predefined Buyer Personas and adapt it to each platform in your mix.

Social media conversions are less about sales and more about relations.

Social Media conversions are not always about sales and leads. It’s a common misconception that you can replace your site with a Facebook page and use the last one to drive sales. With social media, the main focus is on creating brand awareness. You can get the best out of it by sharing articles on your products and getting reviews and recommendations that lead people to your site while encouraging them to act there.

Avoid going anywhere just because it’s cool.

With each platform having its unique specifications, expectations, and reasons to be in the first place, you’ll need to set priorities and ask yourself if you really have the time, capabilities, and all other necessary resources to become memorable everywhere. It is better to put all your efforts into the most relevant channels and gradually build your social media presence, ensuring quality stays first.

Get results @ home

Create a home base for all your activities online. When releasing content to different channels, it’s beneficial to have a centralized hub to place everything if you want to improve your conversion rates. Otherwise, people might miss pieces of information or relevant details that could differentiate between buying from you or choosing alternative solutions.

If all social media in your mix connects to the home base, you can pass consumers through multiple supportive channels, and you can play each channel to its strength while improving your customers' experience with your brand.

Act differently on each social platform

While it is important to keep consistency in your message, it is also crucial to contextualize things and create personalized stories for each Buyer Persona and each social media channel in part. That’s how you’ll get better chances in the online jungle.

Did you know that only 35% of B2B companies have documented Content Marketing and Social Media Strategies? Being an Early Adopter of the Growth-Driven-Approach will definitely impact and make you stand out in the crowd.

Measure results and review accordingly.


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