Manuela Vulpescu

Manuela Vulpescu

Online Marketing Certified Pro

Manuela Vulpescu is an Online Marketing Certified Professional and reader of thick books.

She cooperated with the British Embassy in Romania and helped UKTI teams in CEE to boost the UK exports in the region. Her main focus was on E-Commerce and Healthcare strategic campaigns. She also offered support in developing the trade department of the British-RO Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

With more than 20 years of experience in B2B projects and Media, Manuela coordinated the activity of Raabe – a German specialized publishing house - part of the Klett Group in Stuttgart.

She previously managed the strategic planning department at the German Chamber of Commerce in Bucharest.

Manuela is not only a Digital Marketing Expert. A few years ago, she created the concept, the stories, and the body painting for “One square meter of roots” – a personal project in which she collaborated with a visual artist. They together used mixed media to come up with what she called “an imaginary vision of humanity after the global crisis.” It all started as a hobby, but in the end, the project got a sort of international recognition. Some images turned into covers of the English and French editions of Francois Garde’s book – “What became of the White Savage.” Others landed in Utrecht for redecorating the Deloitte Innovation Center.

She is also co-author of the marketing book “Strategic Marketing for Small and Medium-Sized Exporters” and learned creative writing at Oxford University - Department for Continuing Education.

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