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Improve Email Marketing Open Rates and CTR using Segmentation and Dynamic Content got better Email Marketing Open Rates using advanced segmentation and dynamic content.

The online store was founded in 2014. A team of sales experts established the shop, wishing to turn the portal into the ultimate jeans e-store in Switzerland. runs both an online business and a brick-and-mortar one, selling products from various brands. Customers can easily choose from a wide selection of models thanks to advanced filtering options. High-quality photos and videos, along with practical tools that help you choose the most suitable pair of jeans based on your body type, make the shopping experience extremely enjoyable. - the Denim Store - a SALESmanago Marketing Automation Case Study


  • the digital marketing plan included running a mix of marketing campaigns for both the online and the stationery store so they will end up complementing each other
  • the company decided to offer customer service in three languages to improve the customer experience
  • wanted to use marketing automation for e-commerce to attract a more diverse audience covering a wide range of interests in terms of styles and fashion brands
  • The wish was to automate as many scenarios as possible and
  • to use multiple channels to communicate with online and offline users



Customers were segmented using different approaches:

  • behavioral segmentation
  • demographic segmentation
  • transactional segmentation


Based on the reviewed marketing strategy, all content was prepared in 3 language versions and graphic designs that have been adjusted to each audience segment in part. Communication was targeted at specifically selected groups and involved various channels. Most campaigns were focused on informing customers about current offers and dispatch birthday wishes with voucher codes.

Dynamic product recommendations

Automation scenarios have been implemented with the help of the marketing automation platform to provide customers with perfectly adjusted product offers in response to their behavior on the website. There was also a focus on recovering abandoned carts and retargeting people that visited the online shop.

Lead generation implemented tools that convert anonymous traffic into potential customers. Lead generation solutions have been adjusted to better suit each buyer persona during the different stages of the buying funnel, highly increasing the conversion rates.


  • higher open rates, CTR, and conversions for all dynamic emailing campaigns

Growth opportunities:

  • Implementing website AI-driven recommendations
  • Implementing dynamic remarketing after purchase
  • Implementing AI recommendations to dynamic emails
  • Implementing an automated loyalty program

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