How much does digital marketing cost

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

By Manuela Vulpescu

Many people want to know how much digital marketing costs and if it really is as effective as the rumors say. There are also plenty of agencies out there proposing standard packages for anyone willing to invest in any sort of PPC campaign, be it on Social Media or Google Ads.

No matter how many offers one may decide to collect and compare, there is only one way to ensure the process will bring results. That is by defining a digital marketing strategy before implementing any further steps.

The Digital Marketing Strategy is Your Key to Success

A healthy procedure starts with defining a road map and the customer journey , which involves discovery and research before formulating any actionable plan.

From there on, you can move into the execution phase either by fully implementing it yourself, outsourcing it to an agency or by developing it in-house while asking for guidance from experts. It all depends on the level of know-how and resources you may have available.

How We Create a Digital Marketing Road Map

Regardless of your company’s size, the process is essentially the same.

It begins with a strategic phase that costs around 7.500 EUR and culminates with delivering a complete digital marketing plan ready to be implemented.

Here’s how it plays out:

  • The Discovery Phase

We’ll spend a few hours together to clarify how your business works, what products/services you sell, who your Buyer Personas are, what sales and marketing history you have, and which are your business and marketing objectives for the next period of time.

  • The Research and Planning Phase

During one month, we’ll organize in-depth research and analysis to complete what we’ve learned from you, come up with a set of suggestions and recommendations, and craft a documented strategy and action plan (which is, in fact, your Marketing Road Map).

  • The Implementation Phase

Finally, we’ll walk you through that plan and discuss options for implementation.

When crafting your plan, we’ll consider your internal resources and marketing budget to ensure your Digital Marketing Strategy is an executable one. Based on our initial discussions, we’ll also consider options for how to get things done:

  • Will we do all the work for you?
  • Will you do it yourself while needing guidance from our side?
  • Should you opt for a combination of these two?

Your Digital Marketing Strategy will lay the foundation for a results-oriented program that eliminates assumption-based decisions and avoids wasted time and money.

The Launch Phase of a Digital Marketing Plan

Once the aspects mentioned above are clarified, it’s time to start executing things.

The first phase of the project takes 9 to 12 months and refers to the following:

  1. The Launchpad (includes positioning, website, technology stack, and content strategy )
  2. Content creation and content distribution
  3. Lead generation

Collectively, these elements will lay a solid foundation for your digital marketing.

A typical one-year Launch phase for a B2B marketing project costs between 120.000 EUR and 250.000 EUR, broken down as follows:

  • Website : 10.000 - 30.000 EUR
  • Monthly media fees: 5.000 - 10.000 EUR
  • Monthly agency fees: 5.000 - 10.000 EUR
  • Software fees: 10.000 - 15.000 EUR

We usually take care of the entire process, but there are also situations when we act exclusively as a consultant providing guidance and helping skill up your internal teams. Regardless, someone has to get things done. So you’ll either pay for “the hard work” with your own team’s time or with the agency one. Often it’s a combination of the two.

The Ongoing Implementation of the Digital Strategy

Continuous improvement will be crucial to your success. We’ll evaluate what’s working and what’s not, adjust your plan accordingly and reapply.

Following the Launch Phase, most of our clients move into ongoing engagements with us. At this stage, our objective is to analyze the information and the results collected during the first implementation period and recalibrate the approach for continuous improvement.

Obviously, the more your team handles the implementation front, the lower our agency fees will be.

Digital Marketing Expectations and Results

Building a sustainable digital marketing strategy doesn’t happen overnight.

Here are a few important considerations:

  1. Before investing in driving the right people from the right companies to your website, you need a solid foundation in place for your marketing (brand positioning, website development/review, software, content calendar), or you’ll spin your head around.
  2. Once the strategic part has been clarified, your program requires a launch period, which often takes at least six months before generating results. We’ll keep our eyes on your KPIs to see whether things are moving in the right direction. But unless you have a concise sales cycle and a huge addressable market, there are limited chances for you to generate a significant level of revenue from your program in the first months.
  3. You’re not going to impact and change your customer’s buying cycle with your marketing program. If your sales process usually takes six months from start to finish, you should consider this when setting your expectations.

In conclusion, if you need sales on the spot, we’re likely not the right fit.

But if you’re interested in building an ongoing powerful marketing program that will help you generate leads while keeping your CPA under control, we should talk.

Do You Need More Information?

Have a no-pressure conversation with us! We will be happy to help you with developing your strategy or, at least, we will point you in the right direction.


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