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Customer service…

For you, those words might refer to the name of your team or department. But to customers, the worst “customer service” might remind them of hours wasted waiting on hold, repeating information to representatives, and not getting their problems solved.

And that’s because many customer service teams aren’t actually working together with marketing and sales to serve their customers. Instead, customer service organizations treat cases like numbers and not as people. As a result, clients are forced to use long forms and complicated phone trees to get the help they need instead of using their preferred communication channels.

And worst of all, customers aren’t empowered to succeed. Instead, they receive one-off answers to questions and not the tools to develop a growth strategy.

Helping your clients to become better helps your company, too. In fact, in a recently published research, HubSpot found that companies that prioritized customer success were also growing in revenue. ”Successful companies” means “happy customers” because happy customers grow your business faster than sales and marketing by telling friends and family and, eventually, referring to new, loyal customers.

And customer happiness starts with customer service.

Get The Ultimate Guide to Customer Service 101 and discover:

  • What does customer service really mean in the inbound marketing era?
  • All types of customer service:
    • phone
    • texts
    • email
    • self-service
    • messaging
    • social media
    • live chat/chatbots
  • Examples of good customer service
  • Customer service quotes from leaders

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