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470% higher open rate and 800% higher CTR with the SALESmanago AI Marketing Automation Software

The Bioderma brand streamlines the communication process thanks to the automation in the customer loyalty program. In the cycle of subscriptions and gratuities offered to loyal customers, they achieve over 470% higher open rates and 800% higher CTR when running automated email campaigns.

NAOS is a French company that develops its activities in the area of health, beauty, and well-being. It is one of the top cosmetics producers worldwide, well-known for its ECO visions, values, and approaches. Bioderma, Institut Esthederm, and Etat Pur are results of ECO-biological ideas, making NAOS a respected international brand in the field of skincare products. Bioderma, in particular, is the leader in the dermo-cosmetics market. In Poland, the brand launched a loyalty program called BIOsfera. Club members get access to dermatological advice and get gratuities by collecting loyalty points.

BIODERMA - a SALESmanago Case Study


  • improve the communication and customer experience of loyal clients that are members of the BIOsfera Bioderma Club
  • run marketing campaigns that drive lead generation and strengthen the Bioderma brand awareness
  • improve customer relationships by offering professional skincare advice on a large scale
  • get higher engagement rates by reviewing the marketing processes with the main focus on encouraging users to interact with the brand
  • build a stable community around Bioderma and turn anonymous site visitors into BIOsfera club members
  • organize audience segmentation and create dynamic content and personalized experiences based on users' behavior during previous interactions with the site
  • review the marketing strategy to include promotions in online and stationary stores


  • Allow access to the loyalty program’s benefits in exchange for information related to offline purchases. After buying something offline, members of the loyalty program may enter the receipt number and other details to their account on the Bioderma site and receive a message with a voucher code to use during their next shopping session.
  • Enable gradual access to even more benefits when clients are willing to complete their profiles. Customers have the opportunity to add a series of data to their personal accounts — the more complete the profile, the higher the chances to receive extra discounts in exchange for the information.
  • Contact segmentation based on the source of acquisition. The entire communication is personalized from the very beginning. It takes into consideration the user’s skin type so that Bioderma can suggest the appropriate care advice and the most suitable products.
  • Personalized lead nurturing. Once a client fills in a form on the site, basically sending an inquiry for a specific problem, automated educational workflows with personalized professional advice are triggered from the system and delivered to help the user solving his issues.
  • Birthday campaigns with special gifts.


  • 470% higher open rate of automated emails in comparison with the results obtained during classic campaigns
  • 800% increase in CTR for automated personalized messaging

Growth opportunities:

  • Implementing AI product recommendation for the emailing campaigns
  • Dynamic exclusive product recommendations for BIOsfera Club members are supposed to be triggered once logged in to their accounts. The suggestions should consider previous transactions and the client’s behavior on the site.
  • Eventual Facebook Integration that allows further personalized communication on the social platform.

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