Razvan Nicu

Razvan Nicu

UX/UI & Technical SEO

Razvan is a web designer with front-end skills able to save valuable time in projects with strict deadlines.

With over 15 years of experience in branding, UX & user interface design, Razvan also has an eagle eye for technical SEO. He makes brands pop-up and ensures that clients are enjoying interacting with them. Still, he won’t stop here. Being a growth-driven designer, he focuses on creating “business machines.” With his support, webpages go beyond simple presentation sites and start mirroring business models to become real tools that properly help achieve goals.

Razvan spent the last six years working for some of the most important sports brands (AC Milan, Juventus, Inter, Djokovic) and the motor industry (Lamborghini, Aprilia & Piaggio) being responsible for their web output.

Fully empathetic and always willing to learn and understand the clients’ perspective, Razvan is creating beautiful things that work and enhance a company image while boosting its chances of success.

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